Courses taken during studies

Bachelor`s degree program

Study program includes following courses (only relevant displayed):

Name of course Study time Mark
Advanced Mathematics 675 A+
Building Mechanics 289 A+
Physics 270 A+
Strength of Materials 229 A+
Engineering Graphics 189 A
Reinforced Concrete Structures 189 A+
Theoretical Mechanics 189 A+
Construction Materials Science 189 A+
Metal Structures 162 A+
Technology of Construction Operations 135 A+
Engineering Geodesy 108 A+
Chemistry 108 B
Fundamentals of Economic Theory 108 A+
Engineering Structures 108 A+
Architecture of Industrial buildings and Specialized Constructions 108 A+
Numerical Methods in Engineering Evaluation 108 B
Foundations and Footings 108 A+
Wooden and Plastic Structures 81 A
Computer Graphics 81 A+
Metals and Welding in Construction 81 B
Operation Base of Construction 81 B
Construction Machinery 81 B
Construction Organization 81 A+
Fundamentals of Ecology 54 B
Engineering Fluid and Gas Mechanics 54 B
Engineering Geology 54 B
Introduction into System Analysis 54 B
Life Safety 54 B
City Planning 54 B
Water and Sanitation 54 B
Engineering Investigation 54 B
Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation 54 B
Metrology, Standartization, Certification and Accreditation 54 B
Electrical Technology in Construction 54 B
Fundamentals of Occupational Safety 54 B
Fundamentals of Law 54 B
Transport and Means of Communication 54 B
Construction Economics 54 B
Introduction into Construction 27 B

Course Papers: 11
Course projects: 11

Master`s degree program

Course list

Name of course Study time Mark
Construction Economics 63 A+
Buildings and Constructions Testing Operation 36 A+
Structural and Technological Buildings under Conditions of Reconstruction and Refurbishment 81 B
Modern Metal, Wooden and Plastic Structures 76 B
Modern Metal, Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures 72 B
Occupational Safety in the Field of Construction 43 B
Civil defense 43 B

Design and Graphic Work, Course Papers and Projects

Name of course Mark
Construction Organization and Management especially under Conditions of Reconstruction and Refurbishment A+
CAD system in Construction A+
Structural and Technological Buildings under Conditions of Reconstruction and Refurbishment A+
Engineering Geodesy B
Construction Machinery, Peculiarities of Calculations according to the Results of Investigation B
Engineering Structures of Buildings and Constructions of Yesteryears B
Construction Economics B
Evaluation of Technical Condition of Engineering Structures and Peculiarities of Their Investigation B